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"It's not the destination, it's the journey" Ralph Waldo Emerson
Jacqui at Ovenly Love

Jacqui Pretorius


Hey there, I’m Jacqui.  I love to drink wine with friends, walk my dog, do a bit of gardening and climb on my mountain bike and take to the hills.  I’m a lover of country music, Jesus and my family.  When I’m not having all of this fun, I’m usually all about the baking – researching new techniques, looking for new recipes and of course making sure that all the orders come out of the oven on time.  I can’t wait to get to know you more too – my customers are super important to me and I love learning about what makes you tick too, so that I can give you the best experience here at Ovenly Love!  So drop me a line and lets get chatting.

Baking as an art form

Seven years ago, I attended my first ever cupcake decorating course after which I started to experiment with recipes and styles.  My family and friends soon started asking me to bake their treats and eats for special occasions.

When I baked my first two tiered cake for a friends 30th birthday I was totally hooked! My interest and passion for baking took on a life of its own.  Ever since then, I’ve been decorating cookies and cakes with fun and original themes.

Creating edible art with baked goodies is the best part of every day. And for that reason  I become overjoyed when I can create another special memory for someone.  I believe baking is a form of art that we can enjoy with our eyes as well as our tastebuds.

The inspiration behind Ovenly Love is to bring good quality baked goods to everyone.  Thereby creating wonderful memories.   Baking is a real expression of creativity.

Despite the hectic lives we live, I believe that baking can be enjoyed by everyone.  Between loved ones, as a crafting moment for kids or as a chance to embrace a new hobby. It is important to me that every person gets to enjoy the delicious sweet taste of freshly baked goods in the comfort of their own home.

Cookie decorating in an extremely popular offering at Ovenly Love. The themes, designs and flavours are endless when it comes to cookies.  Therefore cookies have the ability to be personal and unique for each event.   With endless designs and packaging, my customers can think outside of the box.