BakeryMy BEST and FAVE Cookie Tools

31 August 2020

Cookie decorating is totally my passion!  I just love creating art on a cookie canvas.  Cookie decorating is one of the main reasons I decided to go into full time baking. So I thought I’d show you some of my favourite cookie decorating tools I use, on a regular basis, to create edible art!

Over the last couple of years I’ve collected quite a few tools and copious amount of cookie cutters to make the art of cookies easier, better and quicker!  There are just so many cookie tools to choose from that it can become a bit of an obsession to be honest!  Because anyone in the cookie baking world knows – you can never have enough cookie cutters!!

Cookie cutters Ovenly Love

Every trade has their own industry specific tools and bakers & cookie decorators are no different, so let’s check out some of the tools in my cookie decorating world…

1. Cookie Cutters:

The joy of owning cookie cutters…. what can I say?  Cookie decorating just wouldn’t be the same without all the diverse, creative and endless variations of cutters!  They come in all shapes and sizes and a cookie decorating tool kit would be lacking without a good cookie cutter collection.  Besides I’m spoilt for choice now with the 3D printed cutters that can be custom designed and scaled to any size too!  The sky is the limit for any cutter you can dream up!

I confess, I can’t help myself!  I love everything about cookie cutters, from shopping for them online, or in store, researching cookie cutter trends and suppliers and all the endless themes, sizes, shapes and then how to flip them too.

Flipping a cookie is a term used by cookie decorators where 1 shaped cutter is used to create new and different cookie shapes… How cool are the cookie flips below?

Need I say more?

Cookie flip

Cookie flip

2. Scribe tool:

A scribe tool is a cookie decorators best friend and I feel completely lost if I’ve misplaced my dear scribe in a random place, which I’ve done far too many times!

A scribe tool is used to smooth out the royal icing on the cookie surface and to help evenly distribute the icing and guide it into every nook and cranny.  It’s also the best thing to use when popping those pesky bubbles that can creep into your royal icing.  I love my scribe!

These days you can even custom make your own scribe tool with beautiful colours and themes, however, I’m a real Plane Jane when it comes to this tool!  I love my simple PME scribe tool, as it has the sharpest and smallest point I’ve seen on any scribe tool to date!

Cookie decorating scribe tool

3. Dehydrator:

Okay, now this bad boy is a real game changer and by far one of the best and hardest working tools in my cookie kitchen.

A dehydrator isn’t an essential tool, however, it is the best time saver when it comes to cookie decorating, especially for large volume orders, as it speeds the cookie production line up considerably!

A dehydrator creates moving air that makes cookie surfaces shiny. I love this, as it really adds to the cookie’s end result and look! The moving air from the dehydrator is gently heated which also helps the icing dry quicker so that I can start the next step of the cookie decorating process much faster.

I’ve also found that when icing dries quicker, it helps prevent the cookies from absorbing any moisture from the icing.  It also prevents darker colours from bleeding into lighter colours and did I mention how much time it saves me?

Cookie dehydrator

4. Rolling Pin:

My rolling pin is by far the most essential cookie tool in my kit!  I have a traditional style roller and a more modern roller that comes with silicone guides. Those silicone guides are the BOMB as they help ensure a more even thickness for all my cookies.

I chose the wooden rollers as they have no seams or openings on them which makes for easy cleaning and drying and no water can get trapped anywhere on them. My modern roller is skinny which is fantastic for gripping the roller and being able to apply a steady even pressure.  And the extra length it has, is a big plus when rolling out larger quantities of cookie dough.

5. Icing bags

To create edible art with cookies is only possible with a steady supply of icing bags! I use icing bags in 2 different ways.  The first way is without tips, as seen below.  This is definitely the method of icing I prefer for outlining and flooding cookies.  PLUS – the tipless bags are much easier and faster to fill and cleaning up is a breeze.

Icing bags

The second way is to use tips in the bags, as seen in the next picture.  I use these tips when I need to create special details with different shapes on the cookies, like flowers or leaves.

Easy Royal Icing Recipe for Sugar Cookies - House of Nash Eats

6.  Gel colours

Art wouldn’t be art without colour, so I always make sure that I have a wide selection of various edible gel colours to choose from. Gel colours are the easiest to use for cookie decorating because I only need a small drop or two to get the colour I desire.  Plus, mixing various colours to make new shades is super easy.

The gel colours are my favourite to use for my paint your own cookies, as they easily paint onto the dots like regular paint.

From time to time I also use powdered colours, especially if I need a unique colour.  I also use the powdered colours for shimmers or gold and silver details on cookies.

Cake Flora Colours

7. Sprinkles:

At the beginning of this post I openly confessed that I can’t help myself when it comes to cookie cutters, SO my second confession is that I really can’t stop when it comes to sprinkles either!  It’s sometimes worse than cookie cutters!  I just love how plain and unassuming sprinkles can be mixed together to create fun, creative and unique sprinkle mixes.

Sprinkles aren’t really a cookie decorating tool but they DEFINITELY create edible art! Plus, you can always save the day with sprinkles!  They just add that extra ‘something’ to what would otherwise be a plain cookie, cake or cupcake.

Life is better with sprinkles… and so are cookies!


Well, that’s a wrap for my favourite cookie decorating tools I use to create edible art!  I could probably think of tons more goodies that I love using in my cookie kitchen or that I couldn’t live without, like my oven, my mixers, my cookie turn table…. but I think we’ll keep that for another post on another day!

Look after yourself!  Stay safe!  Be creative and embrace your inner cookie decorator!