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19 June 2018by Ovenly Love

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Ovenly Love is crazy about cookies! Who doesn’t love a good cookie. These little crumbly good snacks are delicious, flavourful and so diverse.

Seriously guys, cookies are amazing with their crumbly goodness, thousands of flavour combinations, different shapes and sizes, chewy or crunchy, with or without icing, decorated or undecorated! I don’t think there is any competition! And of course, the Ovenly Love is real in this case.

Did you know that there are 6 different types of cookie profiles? Let’s check these delicious cookies out….

Bar cookies: This kind of cookie is baked in a rectangular pan and then cut into squares. Kind of like those delicious crunchies you used to make at Grandma’s house to keep you out of mischief.

Fridge cookies: This is a yummy cookie dough that is rolled into a long log shape and then refrigerated for a couple of hours. Sorry guys, this one takes a bit longer to make. When the dough is chilled really well then it is taken out of the fridge and cut into slices and placed on the baking sheet. Besides it being really hard to wait for these cookies to chill they are exceptionally easy to slice and bake.

Rolled cookies: These little guys take a little more preparation and sadly they need to be chilled twice, but it’s totally worth it. This is the type of cookie used in most of the Ovenly Love decorated cookies because of how well they hold their shape.

Pressed cookies: These cookies are the perfect treat for the South African traveller when stopping at the little “padstal” on the way to Bokmakierie. A softer type of dough is made and then it’s squeezed through a cookie press.

Moulded cookies: If you want to really get into your baking experience, then these are the cookies for you. Each cookie is shaped by hand….. a great time to get your hands ‘dirty’. Kids especially love these cookies because you can roll them into a ball and then ‘squish’ them with a fork to flatten them. Fun times!

Drop cookies: chewy, delicious and another easy cookie to make. A classic and definitely a favourite…. Drum roll please… introducing the choc-chip cookie

Well, doughy news readers I hope you’ve learnt something new about the cookies out there! But if you’re wondering if this means you’ve got to get baking them yourself and you have no idea where to begin, don’t worry Ovenly Love is here for you. Just give us a ring, pop us an email or check out our online store to order a box of any one of the delicious types of cookies you’ve learnt about. No mess, no fuss and soon we’ll even be delivering these straight to your door….. watch this space!

Until the cookie crumbles again…

Jacqui from Ovenly Love