Health & Safety

``No job is so important that we can't take the time to perform it safely`` Mike Shavers

Health and Safety in the Ovenly Love Kitchen

Baking is fun. Baking is also artistic and creative! But in the kitchen, it’s also important to keep health and safety as a top priority! Ovenly Love believes that the products and services provided in it’s kitchen should always meet high standards when it comes to health and safety.

Any person handling and producing food for consumption has a responsibility to ensure that the final product is safe. To ensure this, Ovenly Love works to ensure the following:

To ensure good health and safety it’s important to be aware of where bacteria may thrive. Therefore, it’s important to regularly clean worktops, equipment, utensils, work boards, and any other surfaces.

Worktops are disinfected on numerous occasions throughout the baking day. Hands are washed before, during and after each project. Other surfaces like fridge doors, microwave ovens, stove tops, oven doors and the sink area are cleaned regularly.

Dishcloths and dishtowels are washed every second day to ensure that no bacteria or other germs could develop. These are dried thoroughly before being used again.

Baking utensils and equipment are kept separately from raw food and ready to eat foods and after each use they are washed in hot soapy water or in the dishwasher.

Ovenly Love always uses ingredients that are within its “use by dates” to ensure that all ingredients are safe for consumption.