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19 June 2018by Ovenly Love

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but Number Cookie cakes are a HUGE trend at the moment! These cakes are also known as cream cakes or cream tarts or cream biscuits. The number cookie cakes create an amazing ‘wow’ factor with its decadent ingredients, flowers, expensive chocolates, macarons, meringues and even fondant decorations. The options for decorations are endless, tasty and can be left up to the most creative imaginations. Your favourite chocolates, flowers and to be honest anything your heart desires can be added as your cookie cakes showcase and indulgence.


I’m not sure if you know, but this style of ‘cake’ was first seen by Israeli baker,

Adi Klinghofer. Her cakes are the most amazing creations providing inspiration to many clients and bakers alike on this new cookie cake adventure.


It is often a misconception that this cake is like a normal sponge cake. This cookie cake is not a normal cake… it is everything but normal! The dough created in the Ovenly Love kitchen was especially chosen because it doesn’t have a normal biscuit crunch. It is softer and tastier. The longer the cake stands with it’s delicious chocolate cream cheese icing the softer and more cake like the cookie becomes. Absolute decadence! No wonder it is such a huge hit at the moment!


Ovenly Love also adds the best honey to its cookie base for an extra flavour profile and to create that delicious cake like cookie texture. The chocolate cream cheese icing is another unique aspect of this cake and its flavour also only improves with time. Unlike normal cakes that become stale, dry and tasteless, this cake actually improves with time. Isn’t that the best kind of cake!


Another thing that I totally love about this cake is the beautiful, unique and creative elements that can be added to compliment the already delicious base and icing. The choice of delectable chocolates, gorgeous flowers and other amazing sweets are endless. If you want to be healthier the options are just as plentiful with any type of fruit combination that can be added along with nuts, flowers and other decorations. You see Ovenly Love is about being healthy too, we just won’t let anyone know about the decadence hidden in that chocolate cream cheese icing…ssshhh…. it’s our little secret.


Now, wait a second….. the fun doesn’t end there! You can also choose any shape, number or letter for your special event! Choose that special age – the big 6 0 or maybe the initials of your fiancé for your surprise engagement. Talk about creativity and individuality to the max. No wonder Ovenly love is mad about making these cakes…. It’s fun all round and they look stunning.


These gorgeous cookie cakes do tend to be a little more expensive than the normal sponge cake but let’s quickly recap why. Amazing raw, high quality honey is used with chocolate cream cheese icing and then your choice of special seasonal flowers and decadent chocolates. This cake is definitely about opulence and showcasing your special day!


Now, my dear doughy news reader, don’t fret about the expense just yet! If you are trying to save for that amazing overseas holiday next year and you think you can’t afford such an ‘exotic’ looking cake then Ovenly Love has great news for you….


You can choose from 1 letter, instead of initials or double digit numbers to bring the cost down. You can also choose from local chocolates that aren’t as expensive. Maybe choose to eliminate the meringues or macarons and then add some extra fruit. Or why not ditch the chocolate all together and have the healthier all fruit and nuts cookie option.


I can’t wait to do the next cookie cake. Creative, fun and delicious. Go on, order a cookie cake. You won’t regret it! I know I’ll love creating it for you.


Until the next cookie crumbles…

Jacqui from Ovenly Love