Kids DIY KitsKids Cookie Decorating Box


A fun and  easy to decorate and assemble cookie decorating kit! Each element is uniquely created to make sure that kids have a fun cookie decorating experience.

Enjoy as a stand alone craft.

Enjoy with friends.

Enjoy together as a fun and easy family activity.

A ‘no fuss’ approach to embracing their creative side!



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A fun, easy approach for kids to try their hand at the creative art of cookie decorating!   Let the kids grab some friends, or rally the family together or keep it as a unique gift, and enjoy a creative activity.   Kids will have a blast making their own ‘dunk worthy’ sugar cookies with this cookie decorating kit.  A fun and easy way to  decorate sugar cookies, without the fuss!

Each DIY Cookie Kit will include the following:
  • x12 sugar cookies.
  • x4 pre-made royal icing bags with various colours.
  • x3 bags of sprinkles.


5 Themes available:

Unicorn magic

Ballerina princess

Safari animals

Super hero’s



Ovenly Love cookies are baked-to-order which ensures freshness, quality & delicious satisfaction. Because I love to make each order personalised and tailored for each customer. 


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Theme Box @ R190.00

Ballerina Princess, Magical Unicorns, Safari Animals, Super Hero, Transport