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19 June 2018by Ovenly Love

We all know Icing, also referred to as the ‘icing on the cake’ – the best part! Icing is also known as frosting in the USA. The words icing and frosting are easily interchangeable as they mean exactly the same thing. Icing is the creamy topping on cakes, cupcakes and lately even cookies – who knew!

The varieties are actually numerous. It’s not just a one-size-fits-all kind of icing, nope there are varieties, styles and even sweetness profiles. So, let’s dive into the world of the icings used in the Ovenly Love kitchen….

Let’s start with the basic, most popular and easiest frosting – the Classic Buttercream. This frosting is made from a combination of icing sugar, butter, vanilla essence and cocoa for our chocolate lovers. This frosting is the sweetest cousin in the frosting profiles! A great choice for our sweet tooth fans!

The next one is Swiss Meringue or French Meringue Buttercream. The base of this frosting is a cooked egg white meringue that has butter added to it in the final stages of mixing. A really smooth, tasty and velvety frosting. This sweet frosting can be a little temperamental but it isn’t an overly sweet frosting which is why most adults enjoy this topping to their cakes and cupcakes. It’s a little more expensive but if you don’t enjoy super sweet icing, then this is the one for you!

Now, don’t stress if Swiss Meringue Buttercream still sounds too sweet for you, as there is a great choice of whipped cream icing! Full dairy cream whipped to stiff peaks with a teaspoon or two to add a subtle, yet tasty flavour and sweetness. A dash of vanilla essence can be added here too for our vanilla enthusiasts. An understated and often forgotten option that is ideal on cupcakes.

The only problem with this type of icing, which isn’t really a problem as you’ll see, is that this icing won’t last long standing out on the table in the hot South African summer sun… but who has cake left over anyways, yum! If by any slim chance you have a cupcake or two left over and you have no space left to enjoy another one, because… cough cough… you’ve enjoyed 5 cupcakes already, then just pop them into a sealable plastic container and enjoy them the next day.

Royal Icing is the Ovenly Love cookie favourite! A classic icing that dries hard, can be piped in any design and onto any rolled cookie (check out the article on the different types of cookies here). A mixture of egg whites and icing sugar that is whipped for 5 minutes to thicken. Royal icing is also often used for decoration on cakes.

And lastly but definitely not least is chocolate ganache…. Did someone say “CHOCOLATE”??? Chocolate ganache is chocolate that is melted with full dairy cream to make a rich and velvety icing. This is a favourite when drizzled over a cake while still warm, or when cooled it makes a smooth matt and crisp finish to the cake. It is also used as a filling for a variety of Macaron creations and when cooled it can be piped on to cupcakes or even cookies.

The icings that Ovenly Love use are versatile, creamy and tasty with tons of flavour combinations that can send your imagination reeling. Be daring and try something new with your next cake, cookie or cupcake order…

Until your next cake indulgence….

Jacqui from Ovenly Love