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About Ovenly Love

A passion for baking and creativity are at the heart of Ovenly Love!

Creating quality edible art is the best part of my day, which makes me overjoyed when I get to create a special memory for you.  I believe that baking is a form of art that we should enjoy with our eyes as well as our tastebuds.

The inspiration behind Ovenly Love is to bring good quality baked goods, made with amazing ingredients, to your events and into your homes, to create lasting memories.   It is important to me that you get to enjoy the deliciously sweet taste of freshly baked goods in the comfort of your own home.

Cookie decorating is my passion and it’s an extremely popular offering at Ovenly Love. The themes, designs and flavours are endless when it comes to cookies.

I can’t wait to share an expression of love, from my Oven with you soon!

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